Autobahn Utopia is the circular highway where the One Trick Pony speeds up and overtakes, slows down and inhales, brakes and crashes.

It surrounds the villeclopedic city like a coiled snake and hums the tune of traffic and smog.

The Autobahn Utopia is a sight to behold, a song to be heard and a barrier to be crossed. It is where the driver dwells and the passer-by laments. It is a longing to leave and an eagerness to arrive.

One Trick Pony and Liesa Van der Aa performed Autobahn Utopia in a version conceived and composed for the Antwerp ring motorway, on the roof of deSingel on the 9th of September 2017 and at Artbeat festival on the 6th of October 2017.
Fragments of the visual score that served as a basis for the composition can be seen on this webpage. Click on the images or refresh the page to make your personal version.

Audio samples:



I’m on the way

I really need to go

Raindrops on the window

Traffic jam: slowly pushing

Traffic jam: standstill