Court of Choice, a triptych of power. In every performance, a different dimension of the concept of power will be highlighted. In the first part, PLAY, the umpire is speaking, in a next chapter that will be the president and ultimately the god of power, Kairos itself.

In the first part, Court of Choice part 1 | PLAY is a musical tennis match in which one innocent bystander is thrust into the role of referee. During this ‘tableau vivant’, the action of the sports reveals the balance of power in our fragmented democracy. With a nod to Hobbes’ ‘Leviathan’, Court of Choice part 1 | PLAY presents a vision of what happens to an individual who is responsible for enforcing the rules, but who loses himself completely in his function. Greed and the desire for more, drive both the umpire and the players of the fame to their limits and to the extreme.

One Trick Pony and Liesa Van der Aa performed Court of Choice part 1 | PLAY in deSingel International Art Campus, Handelsbeurs Concertzaal and BROEK festival.

Illustrations by Silke Groffy